kids in Cuba


LAUTRAZfilm visited the school on the outskirts of Havana several times. In the very poor district of La Lisa, shunned by tourism.

In our luggage we have what is needed. Backpacks for school, T-shirts, football gear or a laptop for the social worker.

All the kids attend the same school and participate in the Comparsas. They are looked after by the Cuban Marina. The dance group of the Comparsas, led by Marina, offers the children and young people a constructive community and shows them new perspectives.

The kids need simple things like pens, blocks, clothes - the bare essentials. Marina knows exactly what is needed. Und LAUTRAZin cooperation with the NGO KENIAL e.V. brings everything to the children - personally and directly.


the project „NIÑOS EN LA FRONTERA“

During our film research on the Afro-Cuban roots of music, we came across Marina, a fascinating personality, creator of the project "Niños en la frontera" and her Comparsas. Comparsas are Cuban dance groups of children and young people who dance enthusiastically to Afro-Cuban rhythms.

With the project "Niños en la frontera" (Children on the Border), Marina has managed to get children and young people off the streets and give them a better, more constructive perspective for the future - solely through the power of their own cultural, religious roots and tradition. Their results are amazing.

The District "La Lisa"

There, in the district of La Lisa, far from tourists, she manages to turn children and young people from about 80 families into music-loving members of the Comparsas, away from the street and negative relegation.

The Comparsas meet regularly and train ambitiously. Many want to make it into one of the famous dance groups for a future as dancers or musicians. Dance and music are tradition and a stepping stone to the whole world. The dance troupe is divided into several groups of different ages and abilities. It is remarkable how the older students pass on their experience and skills to the younger ones. The better ones are even allowed to perform in public and locally. The even better ones have performances all over Cuba, or even abroad, such as Mexico. Everyone is happy and eager to do it.