La Clave - Musica Cubana


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brings a heart project to the screen in 2022. A film about Cuban music straight from the heart of Havana. From the first beat, the camera accompanies the greatest known and unknown musicians in Cuba.
"La Clave - A Mistery of Musica Cubana"

"El Misterio De La Clave - Corazon De La Musica Cubana" orig. spanisch / "La Clave - das Geheimnis der kubanischen Musik, german


About LAUTRAZfilm

Managing Director is Kurt Hartel. Musician and longtime member of the Munich jazz scene, physicist, freerider and mountaineer. Director and producer - and Cuba connoisseur

children in Cuba

Children in Kuba

LAUTRAZfilm promotes "Niños en la frontera", a special project for Cuban children and young people on the fringes of society in cooperation with KENIAL e.V. The 80 children live in a remote part of Havana.