La Clave

"Musica Cubana - The secret of Cuban music"

"The heartbeat of the country"

Süddeutsche Zeitung 11.09.2019

cyros Laurel

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In Cuba, influences from Africa and Europe merge into a uniquely colourful culture. Its wildly pulsating heart is the music and dance scene, which extends far beyond Latin jazz and salsa. Havana's streets vibrate with movement and sound: the hypnotic rhythms of clave woods, drums, traditional songs and popular hits flow from every direction. The Caribbean island lives music!

„La Clave - A Mistery of Musica Cubana“
The rhythm of the clave is the heartbeat of Cuba 

In this film, important musicians and experts such as jazz legend Bobby Carcassés, drummer Yissy García or music historian Dr. Olavo Alén explain the origins of Cuban music, provide stirring insights into its richness and how to deal with the next generation. For in hardly any other country does musical education play such an important role as it does here! Music schools - an expensive privilege in this country - are not only numerous but also free of charge and inspire children from an early age to learn singing, various instruments and dances such as rumba, conga and bolero.

Joie de vivre that is contagious! „La Clave - A Mistery of Musica Cubana" is a passionate documentary about the musical soul of a country in which African and European roots unite.

Captivating jam sessions à la "Buena Vista Social Club", jazz legend Bobby Carcassés, drummer Yissy García or musicians of the band "Irakere" let you dive into the myth-rich history of Cuba's music and dance scene. An inspiring look at the diversity of the Caribbean island, where even children learn the traditional dances and instruments in unique music schools.